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Environmental & Social Responsibility Policy

Taprobane Seafoods Group (TSG) is a leading seafood company in Sri Lanka established in 2010, the company has several processing facilities, direct employees throughout the North-Western and Northern Provinces. TSG, one of Sri Lanka’s largest and pioneering raw, processed and value-added seafood exports began its success story with the committed and visionary leadership.

TSG has the firm intention to conduct business with responsibilities for all groups of stakeholders, both inside and outside the company, including employees, shareholders, customers, business partners, government agencies and society. Included in this intention are sustainable responsibilities for the environment, communities and society with an aim for peaceful co-existence between the business, the community and society. In parallel, TSG promotes appropriate stakeholder engagement. Hence; We are conducting our business with transparency, fairness, and accountability with an emphasis on the growth of the company, along with the improvement of the quality of life of employees, communities, society, and the environment, while protecting the interests of stakeholders according to the company’s vision and mission. We systematically comprehend the optimal use of natural resources while minimizing impact on stakeholders, society, communities and the environment.

We minimize our production of waste through careful planning and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), including using external advice to ensure continuous improvement. We are careful in planning and ordering packaging and distribution materials to prevent waste. Wherever possible we reuse items and recycle.

We are committed to provide opportunities for conducting, promoting and communicating the best environmental and social responsibility activities and projects together with the communities, society and stakeholders from all levels to foster environmental and social sustainability.

We always monitor and review our environmental and social performance, exploring innovations and learning to drive continual improvement towards world-class performance in the seafood industry

This policy applies to all TSG employees who shall support and push forward with joint actions in accordance with the established policy.

Timothy O’Reilly & Dilan Fernando

Taprobane Seafoods (Pvt) Ltd.

26th April, 2022